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Ruffnecks and Rudeboys

Ruffnecks, Rudeboys and Rollups celebrates the influential era of 90’s streetwear. From the fly, the fresh, the flash to the impossible to forget

‘It was not just about what you wore, but how you wore it. This was equally as important…this is what made us unique.’

Opening tonight at 5th Base Gallery in east London Ruffnecks, Rudeboys, and Rollups (Rx3)  takes it back to the 90’s…for this weekend only. Showcasing the iconic and rebellious style of Londoners through a both professional and amateur photography exhibition. Taking visitors on a personal journey through one of the most influential decades, documented by the people who were there making the scene at the time.

Contributors include:
Jazzie B (Soul II Soul) / Normski / Helen Hale Art / Krate & Co / Graphatik / Slick Don / RichieRichTheBoyWonder / Nathan Massiah (Founder of Fresh Laces)

Ruffnecks, Rudeboys, and Rollups
23 May | 24 May
Free Admission* Voluntary Contribution

Words by Tracy Kawalik
Photos Courtesy of Slick Don and 677 FlyCreative

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