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BLONDE, Plastic, and Completely Fantastic! 7ft inflatable London “It” girl, Pandemonia highlights her top moments of London Fashion Week AW’14

She’s one of the most photographed faces of the London fashion and the contemporary art scene, top of the list at all the most exclusive parties, premieres and events and a firm fixture on the front row! Pretty, pink and pop Pandemonia is a 7ft London based fine artist and personality dressed inflated head to platformed toe in liquid latex and simply adored as one of the most vibrant characters at London Fashion Week.

So when I bumped shoulders with her on the catwalk I couldn’t resist the chance to check in and get her recap of LFW AW’14, what she’s been up to, and where we can expect to see from her next!

How many shows did you attend this season?
PANDEMONIA: It must have been at least 10. There’s so many I lose count!

Your one of the most recognised stars of the front row! How many seasons have you been attending fashion week?
It’s hard to imagine but I think I have just done my 10th season! and I have not lost any of my bounce.

What show has been your most memorable that you have seen of all time?
I think it must have been the Acne show at Kensington palace. They held it in Princess Margaret’s apartment. That’s where I famously also met famed fashion editor of Vogue Japan Anna Dello Russo.

What was your favourite from this past LFW?
Bernard Chandran. The pattern cutting in his latest leather collection was so imaginative it left me with lots of ideas to think of for my next looks.

I can imagine you have attended your fair share of parties as well! What has been your favourite?
My favourite party of all time was “The Pop Art Ball” Stella McCartney and Natalia Vodianova invited me too

Your always dressed to perfection! Do you make all your own outfits? How long do you start planning or preparing your looks before a big event?
Thank you. Yes I make it all!!! It takes six weeks to make everything from drawings to completion.

So many celebrities and models always want their picture with you! Has there been anyone or do you think there still is someone who you would be star struck by?
Had he still been alive I would have been in awe of meeting Andy Warhol.

Does Pandemonia have a muse, or style icon where you get your inspiration from?
The Media is my biggest muse. I’m influenced by advertising, branding, illustration and cartoon.

I love the baby pink hair! Are you enjoying the change from being a bouncey blond?
Thank you! I think its my best colour yet. Its more graphic than blonde and looks even more like a drawing, which I love!

What trends can we expect to see you in for SS’14?
That’s a secret! Each season I like to surprise everyone.

Did you attend any of the European fashion weeks like Paris or Milan?
Alas not this time. I had an offer I could not resist.

Tell us what it was?
Alaska Y Coronas the Spanish television show wanted to do a Pandemonia exclusive!!! So Snowy and I flew out to Madrid. We did fifteen minutes of prime time television and met many of our Spanish fans!

This year is set to be one of the grandest years of exhibitions of Pop and Contemporary art that London has ever seen. Being a pop art icon and contemporary artist yourself is there any that your looking forward to seeing?
Honestly, All of them! There’s too many to choose!

Being such a fashionable girl on the go in London, what places do you recommend for the perfect day out?
Shopping! Shopping! Shopping! All the way from Chelsea to Shoreditch!

Your favourite place for a cocktail?
The Arch Hotel. Did you know they do a Pandemonia cocktail?! Its not often you get a cocktail named after yourself!

Your favourite place to shop?
I adore shopping, so every shop is my favourite!

The one place a tourist must see?
The Crown Jewels! You can’t get better than that!

Lastly what can we expect from Pandemonia next?
I can’t give away too many details but I will say an exhibition is in the pipe line!

Watch this space! x

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Words by Tracy Kawalik and Pandemonia
Photos by Stephen Mahoney, Thomas Pink and @robinLDN

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