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Biker Boys

Belstaff’s boys bring it back to London where it all began; Revisiting the classic’s in a leather clad, petrol fuelled presentation

Belstaff breathe an exhaust drenched gust of British air back into the brand with their  SS’15 collection. Showing their presentation for LC:M in a 1950’s style diner, set up in an underground carpark outside the House’s of Parliment!

Belstaff’s new collections celebrates their return back home to Britain. Inspired by the cafe riders and infamous ‘Ton-Up Boys’ of the 50’s. Hand-waxed, treated and painted luxe leather, features beside checkerboard patterns,dogtooth, quilted styles, and knitwear. In a retro feeling collection that’s slick and full of the same rock n roll, bad boy ‘greaser’ attitude for which these infamous riders were most well known.

The 50’s Ton-Up boys were initially influenced by Brando in The Wild One (1953) in which he wore their now iconic Perfecto jacket. The name sprung from cafe meet-ups where the boys would attempt to do ‘a ton’ on their bikes (exceed 100mph) But along with a mutual, daredevil need for speed the Ton-Up Boys soon became well known for putting a very British twist on their look. Adding elements of wax-cotton kit with military surplus garments, (two strong threads in Belstaff’s heritage) and customising their leather in the same vain as they did their bikes.

For Belstaff’s London return it seemed only right then, that their presentation would be accessorised with a selection of revving Choppers, vintage Triumphs, restored classics, live Brit band The Propellers, and of course and handful of the handsome bikers who ride them, many wearing various custom,reworked and embellished leathers.

With all the bells, whistles, studs, ripped denim, eye candy, free beer and stubble it was hard to remember just why we were all there….(and or care for that matter) but Belstaff brought it back home. Showing a tough, and concise blast from the past, fused with the sex appeal and luxe sustainability that’s always kept them ahead of the race.

Words by Tracy Kawalik

Photos by Tracy Kawalik

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