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Ballroom blitz

Original Blitz Kid princess julia takes you back to the 80’s with a live q&a and reading from her upcoming autobiography

The year was 1980. The Punk scene was dying down and in the depths of London’s wildly avant gardé Blitz Club a new era was being born. A subculture, a movement, an expression of hedonistic and experimental gender bending extravagance that would define the next decade of music and fashion….The New Romantics.

At the heart of this was the Blitz Kids. Androgynous, weird, wonderful counter culture superstars. Made up of the likes of Boy George, Steve Strange, Visage, Leigh Bowery and the highly iconic Princess Julia. English DJ, music writer, i-D magazine culture correspondent,  muse, and first lady of London’s fashion scene. Right at the centre, witnessing, developing and partaking in this creative explosion, the effects of which are still shaping popular culture today.

Tonight by the invitation of archivist, publisher and co-founder of Theme arts house, Laurence Johns… Princess Julia is headed to east London.  To the Proud Archivist where she will read from her upcoming autobiography, answer questions, discuss the birth of the Blitz scene, its influence on contemporary culture, and share memories and anecdotes from the people who all made it happen!

theme presents: Blitz Kids and Blitz club legend: princess julia
The Proud Archivist | 7pm – 10pm
Tickets are £8 including a complimentary drink

Words by Tracy Kawalik

Photos Courtesy of THEME HQ

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