Whip It Good | Coco de Mer's luxury sex salons

Whip It Good



Bend over and brace yourself because you’re in for an adventurous evening at Coco de Mer’s luxury sex salons

50 Shades of Grey might have led to an astonishing influx of people looking to vamp up their sex life and stock up on rope and cable ties, but it also more than doubled the number of 999 calls in sexual experimenting gone awry. So before you follow any more ‘words of wisdom’ from good old S&M lovin’ cat lady EL James and whip out the handcuffs and ball gags …it seems like no better time than the present to put that shit down and sign up for the real thing.

Get spanked by a stranger, lick iced lollies like a pro, master the art of ‘playing the flute’, female ejaculation, tying and tease, and oh so much more! As the the master provocateurs of kink and class at Coco de Mer bring you the best in the business for an all new summer session of eroticism and education.

Brush up on old techniques, new skills and the top tricks of the trade from a professional dominatrix, sex experts, escorts and a mistress or two in the 2 hour sessions packed with quick wit, occasional hands on practice, and loads of free flowing champagne to take that beginners edge off.

Get tipsy, take notes, then shop til you drop afterwards! Hell maybe even treat yourself to one of Coco de Mer’s solid 18k gold ‘pleasure seeds’ for £12,000 and a set of AAA batteries…then head out into the Soho night and put all your new tricks to the test!!! xXx

Coco de Mer Salons 
£95.00 per class*
23 Monmouth Street, WC2H 9DD
*Class includes 2 hour lesson, champagne and 20% off in store that evening
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Words by Tracy Kawalik

Photos by RANKIN | Coco-de-Mer

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