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Turn The Beat Around


Hundreds of music lovers marched thru Dalston in a passionate plea to save hackney venue Passing Clouds and salvage what’s left of london’s nightlife

London night life is dead…..

Perhaps the early warning signs came a year or so ago when you had a better chance of getting an IPA than an STI in the once gloriously seedy and infamously bohemian Soho. When the streets of Camden historically known as the birthplace of London punk were no longer stained with studs, beer and piss but replaced with fresh coconut stalls and hipster Korean noodle trucks….. Maybe it was when we all started drinking Campari and Aperol Spritz out of plastic cups in fucking car parks surrounded by entitled public school kids wearing Boy Better Know t-shirts and Supreme while pounding back Ox cheek burgers….. it’s hards to place it for sure. The one thing I’m certain of, is that the closure of Fabric and all else to follow is the bound to be the boiling point!

In the past 8 years more than half of the London’s night clubs have closed. Only 245 of the 430 live music venues that once existed in the city are still open. Their legacy and rich musical histories swallowed up by the gluttonous gentrification seeping it’s way across London… and people are pissed! Rightfully so.

So on Saturday representatives from Fabric, the100 Club, the Silver Bullet, Shapes, the Passage and 12 Bar took it to the streets. Marching alongside hundreds of glittered up music-lovers and staff from Hackney venue Passing Clouds. Protesting the recent death of yet another live music venue soon to be added to London’s lengthy obituary of forgone nightlife.

Campaigners, musicians, performers, press, even a paper machè head gathered at Hoxton Square. Led by a giant beating heart and train of red silk which organisers say “represents the flowing live blood of London’s music scene”

Taking in the crowd it’s hard to not question among the legit and furious club owners and protestors that some of the people adorned with bowie lightning bolts and toting placards probably never bought a fucking drink half these places; popped a cocktail of precarious Ket and MDMA themselves before entering, or better yet…. even stepped foot thru the door!

None the less the sentiment is romantic.

Whether the protest will save Passing Clouds, I doubt it. But surely the heaps of DJ’s, venue owners, bands and shitloads of celeb supporters passionately protesting for something to break will at the very least help shift the focus… and bring back the memories of the vast cultural significance and the rich musical and clubbing legacy of London and why we all came here in the first place!

Watch Boiler Room footage ‘Can Nightlife be Saved’ live Fabric here……


Words by Tracy Kawalik

Photos by Tracy Kawalik

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