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Hollywood bad girl Lindsay Lohan rev’s up the West End and takes centre stage in her debut theatre performance of Mamet’s classic

Fallen starlet? Hedonistic, knicker-less party girl? DUI offender? Sassy strawberry blonde?..However you want to remember the past decade of Lindsay Lohan’s tempestuous journey falling in and out of public focus, she’s back!  Determined to set the record straight and claim what’s rightfully hers from the world.

Vying for the respect and returned credit to be thought of a reputable actress , Lindsay “plows” on, in her West End debut role , despite her preview performance rapidly dividing critics.

Opening night saw poor Lohan thrown to the wolves, as London’s stuffy theatre critics sharpened there claws in eager anticipation for her to fail. Frequently missed cue prompts and forgotten lines (despite having the majority available to read from an actual book in her hands)… left the press with a field day of material to work with! Even the “bookies” stepped in to take their cut, with Ladbrokes offering 2-1 odds that  LiLo will be sacked before the performance is through.

Speaking to the Telegraph this week Lindsay said  “I respect people have an opinion, but I’m doing the best I can and will for the duration. I’m doing this because working makes me feel happy and this is a new venture for me.” she then went on to comment further in TimeOut “I’m at a point when I want a diligent routine and I really want to get back into work. And I wanted to do something different: people have certain perceptions of me and I wanted to change them by doing something like a Mamet play,” she said “I’m hoping it’ll take away attention from me as a celebrity name and draw attention to the fact that I’m an actress.”


Like a feisty phoenix rising from the ashes, good, average or bad, Lindsay Lohan’s show must go on!  Proving her celeb status is certainly still burning bright, her performance is the main attraction and star of director Lindsay Posner’s show.  Fans and paparazzi eagerly await by the stage door each night and she’s filling seats to no avail; drawing in the crowds many of her fellow West End competitors have failed to do!

Posner says that when he heard Lohan was in London, that she was an ideal choice for the part. Pleased with her performance thus far, he’s praised her natural stage presence, eagerness to catch on, and “very big voice” playing the same role he’s previously cast Juliette Lewis, Julia Stiles and more famously, 1980’s Madonna.

That being said… the director doesn’t deny his intentions casting LiLo were not all sugary sweet. There was of course a view that she would give his ‘Mamet’ a much needed boost in ticket sales.

Speaking of opening night Posner said “On the night of the preview, USA Today listed Lindsay’s appearance as one of the five most important things happening in the world that day…We were just behind the bombing of Syria!”

Like it or not, celebrities are what’s keeping the West End alive. Dozens of shows, including those of Andrew Llyod Webber are closing due to empty seats, so it comes as no surprise that something had to change!

Anna Nicole the musical just had a packed audience a few weeks back at the Royal Opera House!!!…certainly triple the audience the classical pieces seem to draw in, and one needs to only remember Jude Law’s elongated, entirely sold out run in Hamlet a few years back to show that big names, draw in big big sales!

Whilst Lindsay Lohan may still be a long long long…. ahem…long way away from Shakespeare or getting her acting groove back, she’s doing her fair share to bring in new audiences and keep theatre in the West End in business. As one audience member said at Lindsay’s performance Tuesday night “Good or not, I came to see Lindsay! She’s bound to put on a show!”… or something worth talking about.

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Words by Tracy Kawalik

Photos Courtesy of Playhouse Theatre

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