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be naughty, play nice, Down a cherry lambrini, and hit the back nine like a rockstar..JUNKYARD GOLF is extending it’s stay til CHristmas & dropping a star studded new course!!!

While the finer details of most of my trips to Junkyard Golf have been blurred by vague memories of 90’s hip-hop, a clown in a hot tub, and downing shots of lambrini like a 15 year old at a wedding…the pictures would suggest I’ve had a pretty good time.

Turns out I cant be the only one… as Junkyard Golf’s original plans to hit and quit it after 6 months have just been revamped. Dropping a fresh new blockbuster/movie themed course & extending their stay for a christmas long run sure to have bad Santa’s, dad dancers and drunk secretaries sinking balls and dropping it like its hot in a ridiculously fun, hot dog and nacho stuffed, fabulously festive mess.

Putt thru treadmills, washing machines, cows, speed boats & sh*tloads of other junk in course ‘FRANK’ and ‘PEDRO’s polluted paradise. Cut it up  at UV techno section DAFTWERK aka course HELGA, or swing past Shawshank Detention, a Trump filled forest, gangster gnomes and Tinderella in brand new movie course BRUCE…the Junkyard is your’s for the taking!

Junkyard Golf
Brick Lane | open Monday-Sunday 12pm-11pm
Par-tees & Bookings   #PuttUporShutUp


Words by Tracy Kawalik

Photos by Tracy Kawalik, Junkyard Golf & Full Fat PR

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