Marshmallow Laser Feast teamed up with R&S Records and Absolut UK

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Marshmallow Laser Feast teamed up with R&S Records and Absolut UK

Tech superhero’s Marshmallow Laser Feast teamed up with R&S Records and Absolut UK to create one of the most ridiculously mesmerising & interactive club nights, (without the help of hallucinogenics) one might ever dream of attending

Masters of making the seemingly impossible, possible; Marshmallow Laser Feast are the most cutting edge and ground breaking producers of electrifying and highly immersive experiences today. Their multidisciplinary approach beautifully links art with mind blowing high tech, using real-time CGI & projection, interactive performance, virtual reality, sculpture, installation, film and of course lasers.

Strolling through MLF’s Vimeo channel is a recommended, almost spiritual experience. Past creations include everything from a fantastical, vibrating musical forest made out of lasers for the Barbican,  quadcopters that become an organ of light, Tron-esque car adverts for McLaren, shooting laser beam’s out of Bono’s head at the Superbowl to a jaw-dropping multitude of highly innovative, boundary pushing music video collabs.

Last week in their latest creation Marshmallow Laser Feast joined forces with Absolut UK and R&S Records to transport a select group of club goers into the future of nightlife, or how they see it. Wrapping walls floor to ceiling in LED’s and holographic projections. Creating a motion reactive LED dreamworld- which responded, adapted and changed to match the sound, movement and mood over the night. Virtual reality headsets transported guests into another dimension, whilst tailored DJ set’s from R&S’s very own Leon Vynehall, Lone, Space Dimension Controller and Moiré projected out over the crowd,

A dream partnership in the making, R&S themselves have been beyond prolific, unleashing a seismic stream of cutting edge music over the years, with a catalogue that reads like the who’s who of electronic music. From Aphex Twin, Derrick May, Kenny Larkin, Carl Craig, Model 500, to Lone, Moiré, and Tessela, the list goes on. So when the two announced their plans to work together and add Absolut UK and a free-flowing supply of vodka into the mix, there was very little doubt the outcome wouldn’t leave a lasting impression, and a night you wouldn’t soon forget! Here’s to the future!

Check Out Marshmallow Laser Feast at Work Here:

Words by Tracy Kawalik

Photos by Tracy Kawalik and John Doe Productions

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