Flight Club: East London's swanky new darts bar

Flight Club


Flight Club: East London’s swanky new darts bar

Brad Pitt might not be there to rough you up at the door, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had inside east London’s Swanky new darts bar ‘Flight Club’

Get sporty, work on that bullseye and shoot like a pro all whilst sipping cocktails, eating wood-fired pizza and dancing around in your own private dart’s den!  The first of it’s kind, new “Social Darts Venue” Flight Club swaps the days of dodgy maths and complicated score keeping and brings you miles away from the sticky carpeted floors and dimly lit havens of yesteryear where darts champions were born, and hardened Grandad’s kicked your ass.

With three lines to shoot from and a selection of knock out games newbies can compete with closet pros and hustling darts veterans. Using loads of fancy tech like real-time scoring, game play animations, and slick interactive touch screens, dart’s has never been better… all created by a rocket scientist none the less! Like bowling, high speed cameras track your dart in flight, then a computer calculates your score at the end. Meaning you can order another round of drinks, have a slice of pizza and high five your mates all without thinking about where to aim!

Flight Club
2a Worship Street

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Words by Tracy Kawalik
Photos by Tracy Kawalik and Flight Club

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