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Photographer and cult American film director Larry Clark opens his archive. Offering his fans and collectors their choice to walk away highly iconic and never seen before photographs for £100

Large wooden crates, neatly stacked with one-of-a-kind photographs by Larry Clark have been placed in the Simon Lee Gallery in London for one week only. From 1 July – 6 July 2014, the printed photos (mainly at pharmacies and one hour photo shops by Clark from 1992 – 2010) are on sale to the public for a mere £100 a pic.

Visitors are able to flick through handfuls of extremely rare, colourful 4 x 6 and 5 x 7 snapshots, gaining new insights into the cult filmmakers working method as well as having the opportunity to come away with an original Larry Clark to call their very own.

The collections of photographs were taken by Clark on or around the time, and within the locations of some of his most iconic films. On set and behind the scenes of raw indie classics such as Kids (1995), Bully (2001), Ken Park (2002), and Wassup Rockers (2005), among others. The photo’s documenting the people, kids and friends he was interacting with during this period (many of whom played leading roles in his films), as well as outtakes from a calendar shoot for the street brand Supreme, and numerous unique self portraits and snapshots.

Having recently turned 71, Clark found himself faced with the question of what to do with the thousands of extraordinarily vast and evocative prints he had accumulated over the years. Instead of gifting then to museum archives, or selling at auction, Clark decided to distribute a large portion to his friends and fans that have played a central role (sometimes literally) in his career to date.

In his words, the sale is for ‘all the kids that came to my shows in thethousands and could never afford 10 to 15 thousand dollars for a print'(…) this is a pay back to all the skate rats and collectors who would like a souvenir so I can die happy.’

Represented in the photography collections of many major museums around the world, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Larry Clark’s £100 Photograph Sale is a rare opportunity to gain access to the prolific photographer’s vast archive while also having the potential to walk away with a piece of it, to call your very own.

Larry Clark
£100 Photograph Sale
Simon Lee Gallery
1 – 6 July 2014

Words by Tracy Kawalik

Photos by Larry Clark and The Simon Lee Gallery

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