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Take me to Church


Artist Patrick Church kick’s off east end art collective ArtHoles’s first event, with his exhibition ‘I Love You, But I Love Me More’ at Dalston Superstore

Young Brit artist Patrick Church is first up!  Baring all, and launching creative collective Arthole’s first monthly event (of many) with his exhibition I Love You, but I Love Me More’ opening Thursday at the wild and greatly beloved Dalston Superstore.

Provocative, cosmetically enhanced, brash and bold.’I Love You, but I Love Me More’ reads like a love letter to the image obsessed, perfect and beautifully imperfect. Featuring a cast of colourful pop subjects and superficially famous faces such as Marc Jacobs, Donatella, Lindsey Lohan, and Kate Moss among others.

Following his recent success in Paris, multi-talented Patrick Church thankfully returns to London for this current project. Teaming up with the equally visually expressive group at ArtHole, and likewise turning that into a triple threat. Using Dalston Superstore and it’s reputation for entertaining the raucous and untamed as the backdrop to their first event!

I was lucky enough to steal a few minutes with Patrick to talk about his inspiration behind the show, fashion, Paris and falling in love….

Your upcoming show opens this week! Are you excited? How long have you been working on all the pieces?
PATRICK CHURCH: I am really excited but also super nervous. I’m quite all over the place as a person and having people view my work makes me feel quite vulnerable. The show has been in the pipeline for a good few months, so I have been painting pretty much constantly. All of the pieces in the show are recent works from the past year or so.

Your exhibition is entitled ‘I Love You, But I Love Me More” . Was there a particular muse or inspiration behind the work?
I’m quite a visual person and spend a lot of time in my own mind. I guess ideas come from how I view the world and how I view other people. Initially I was creating a lot of self portraits so the idea for the title came from that. I am inspired by strong people, but also my own weakness and vulnerability and I guess my work explores this contrast.

What/Who inspires you?
Past experiences, being in love, having my heart broken, allowing myself to be vulnerable, humiliations. People I surround myself with, being in Paris, sex, intimacy, powerful people, too many things!

Where do you go in London to feel creative?
I don’t spend that much time in London anymore, I think the whole city is very creative and it moves very quickly, it feels like you live a different life every three months. I often refer back to memories I made her in London for my work.

Where do you go to party or get in trouble ?

Where do you go to fall in love?

What are you listening to when your painting?
Erykah Badu, Bee Gees, Kaytranada, Donna Summer, Disco and Soul are the best.

You’ve done a lot of fashion commissions featuring your prints , and also some  incredible painted leather. Do you think we could expect to see a collection soon, or more work evolve from here?
Yes I am working on a small collection and look book at the moment…

You mention that your obsessed with Marc Jacobs, and your piece with him is one of your favourite in the show. What is about Mr.Jacobs so much?
I just love his whole aesthetic, to me it’s totally perfect. I love the way he sees the world, he creates his own universe and I find that beautiful. I’m totally obsessed with his body, face, tattoos, everything!

Any hints on what can we expect to see from you next?
As I said I am working on a small collection, I take things day by day so for now…watch this space!

Dalston  Superstore |  5 Feb 2015

Words by Tracy Kawalik and Patrick Church
Photos by Patrick Church

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