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Street Life

Light it Up! Light it Up!  Tintype Gallery illuminates Essex road with their second short film exhibition; inspired by the bustling north London street

A year ago, gallery director Teresa Grimes was struck with an idea. An idea to bring TINTYPE gallery out onto her street, and the street onto the large front window she was staring out of at the time.

All given the same subject and the same budget, Grimes brought together eight critically acclaimed filmmakers to share their interpretation of Essex Road and bring the mile-long street to life. Lighting up the night and drawing in huge crowds to watch and experience Essex Road in a way no one had seen it before.

Now for it’s second run Essex Road II returns, this time with a new collection of talented and experimental film makers. Helen Benigson takes you to debaucherous hen party, Jordan Baseman on a psychedelic neon trip, Melanie Manchot up close with the locals, Sebastian Buerkner a ride on the night bus. Capturing and translating the simplistic beauty of Essex Road’s vibrant every day.

Teresa Grimes comments “I love the idea of turning the gallery inside out. Instead of opening a door and entering a gallery to look at art, the moving images are out there on the street. Anyone passing by can stop and watch. People on buses will catch a glimpse. Children coming home from school will be able to see the films.Essex Road is a very ordinary street, but like many London neighbourhoods it is full of extra-ordinary scenes, acts and narratives.” 

“I grew up in London and have lived here virtually my whole life. A great city, constantly changing and absorbing people, yet retaining a very definite identity of its own. Whenever I travel away from London and then return, I see anew its visual richness – the people, the architecture, the diversity, the beauty, the contrasts, the vignettes you see every day; to misquote Stephen Fry ‘barbaric, deeply civilised, common yet royal, vulgar yet processional, sacred yet profane’ – the theatre that is London.”

Essex Road II
On Now – Until 16 January
Daily from 4pm-11pm 

Words by Tracy Kawalik

Photos Courtesy of TINTYPE

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