Internationally acclaimed Chinese artist Liu Bolin presents his latest works of camouflage trickery at Scream gallery London

Look close…closer still, let yourself blend into the background and behold the creative brilliance of outstanding Chinese artist Liu Bolin, in his first solo UK exhibition ‘The Heroic Apparition’. On show now at Scream Gallery London, the intricate and ingenious exhibition portrays unseen snippets of Liu Bolin’s most awe-inspiring and newest work.

Beginning as a performance artist in 2005, Liu Bolin has been disappearing now for many years, capturing world wide critical acclaim. Using his own body as a canvas, he and his team seamlessly paint him into thin air, in an intensive process which can sometimes take up to 10 hours.

No matter how complex the backdrop Liu Bolin becomes literally invisible to the the naked eye. He claims that often while his posing, even to passers-by he can go completely unnoticed. Bolin’s oeuvre includes various mediums such as sculpture, performance and photography. But it’s his ‘camouflage’ images for which he’s become so famous.

Liu Bolin is careful to utilise his works not only as visually intriguing and playful pieces, but as a means to explore the Chinese national identity, silently protesting it’s government and confirming his political stance. His work creates evocative scenes that act as statements about our relationships to our surroundings and likewise reflect Chinese artists and their status in modern China. An environment and area which he and other controversial contemporary artists of his kind such as Ai Weiwei have consistently sought spiritual redress in their brave defiance of authority.

Liu Bolin: The Heroic Apparition
27-28 Eastcastle Street


Words by Tracy Kawalik

Photos by Scream Gallery London

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