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Some Kind of Nature

Cult cartoonist and Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlett flex’s his multitude of talents Unveiling his first ever art exhibition at Saatchi Gallery

Whilst my first (and very tenuous) introduction to Jamie Hewlett’s work may have been a dance performance I did at age 14 to the soundtrack from MGM’s piss poor rendition of Tank Girl; his original comic, later artwork and prolific creative and musical output with Gorillaz would form my long time love and admiration as a fan.

Hewlett’s diversity and skill to move among mediums runs deep. Over the years his ridiculous artistic talent and highly recognisable work has appeared on everything from animations for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, numerous music videos and comic collaborations, the creation of virtual band Gorillaz, to even a full scale Chinese Opera!

So having said that, a solo show seems long overdue. “The Suggestionists” celebrates Hewlett’s brilliantly witty and mischievous mind with three brand new bodies of work.  First delving into his fascination for tarot cards with his idiosyncratic take on Jodorowsky-inspired Tarotica in ‘Tarot’ , then on to a dark, seedy back lit room of frisky 70’s Grindhouse-style posters entitled ‘Honey’ featuring his extremely sexy french wife. Finally finishing things off a bit more reflective in ‘Pines’; an extraordinarily detailed set of line drawings of trees, he observed when in the South of France.

With the buzz of Gorillaz 2016 album release wildly in the air, this is the perfect timing to take a little psychogeographic trip around Hewlett’s psyche before he’s once again too hot to handle.


Jamie Hewlett “The Suggestionists”
Is on Now- 2 December
Saatchi Gallery

Words by Tracy Kawalik

Photos Courtesy of Saatchi Gallery

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