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Lucky Seven’s

Secret 7″ London

Are you a lover of Album artwork, a hip 7″ and a one off secret surprise? well… hold on tight because Secret 7″ is every vinyl collectors wet dream!

It’s doesn’t get much sneakier than this!! Secret 7″ is back, this time around raising money for Amnesty International UK with 7 new tracks including Etta James, Chvrches, Tame Impala, The Jam and John Lennon alongside a monumental line-up of creative contributors ranging from Sir Anish Kapoor, Sir Paul Smith, Gavin Turk, Beach London’s Rob Flowers, Bob & Roberta Smith, Tatty Devine, Cassandra Yap, Pure Evil, Lucy Sparrow… the list goes on!

Five years in the running; Secret 7″ is the one of the most elusive exhibition’s out there. 7 tracks are chosen each year from 7 of the best-known musicians, each pressed 100 times on 7″ vinyl. Artist’s from across the globe are then invited to interpret the tracks in their own style…finally bringing together 700 one of a kind sleeves each exhibited and sold for £50 a piece! But the secret part lie’s within. It’s luck of the draw and a big old mystery with buyers left completely in the dark as to who created their chosen sleeve, or even which song they’ve picked right up until the very last minute when they’ve parted with the cash!!!

Over the year’s Secret 7″ fans have taken home 2,800 records. Raised over £130,000 for charity and camped outside for close to 36 hours to snap up their favourite sleeve!

All Secret 7″ sleeve’s go on sale on a first come, first served basis May 2nd with a limit of 4 per person. But you can check ’em out first and see this years artwork for yourself at Sonos Studios in Shoreditch before the madness of sale day takes place. Grab a coffee or a beer, book a slot to record your very own voice on vinyl thanks to Public Records, take home one of 7 ultra hip, unique Rega turntables designed by iconic french graffiti artist Thierry Noir, hell even sleepover and listen to the entirety of Max Richter’s 8 hour masterpiece album ‘From Sleep’ on April 19th, there’s loads going on!!

Secret 7″
Sonos Studios | 21 Club Row
Tuesday-Sunday 10am – 6:30pm | Until May 1st


Words by Tracy Kawalik

Photos by Tracy Kawalik and Secret 7″

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