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Bear Witness

Sotheby’s swings open their doors to  ‘The Greatest Show On Earth!’ Exhibiting one of the most extraordinary Contemporary Art collections of our time

One has to only “Bear Witness” to Sotheby’s ‘Greatest Show On Earth’ to comprehend why 2 hours later I’m still struggling to find the words to describe the absolute mass of visual decadence you’ll experience.

Meticulously mad, marvellously avant-garde, pulsating…fucking electric! Sotheby’s Bear Witness is quite literally contemporary, modern and pop art at it’s most epic and jaw-dropping state.

Dozens of Warhols, hang beside Rothko, Basquiat, Gerhard Richter, Keith Harring, Damian Hirst, Marina Abrovomich, Tracey Emin, Marc Quinn, Anish Kapoor, Roy Lichenstein, Jake & Dinos Chapman, David LaChapelle, Allen Jones … even a cheeky Matisse and a Toulouse-Lautrec !!!! All in one of the most encompassing, awe-inspiring  and exceptionally curated hang’s of the auction house’s 270 year history!

An overwhelming, speechless display of work. Perhaps best described as Frieze, Art Basel and MoMa meets ‘Contemporary Art’ Hoarder Next Door…. who in this particular episode happens to have an astonishing penchant for bears and an absolute shit load of cash!!!!

‘Bear Witness’ is by leaps and bounds the most impressive and exciting collection of contemporary art I… and you are likely to attend this year, and possibly ever! Acquired over decades of peripatetic travel by a single, roving collector, this is the first time this remarkable collection has ever been unveiled to the public.

It’s no wonder Sotheby’s is referring to Bear Witness as it’s ‘Greatest Show on Earth’. To celebrate the 3 day auction and take over of Sotheby’s entire New Bond Street premises; the auction house has lined up a raucous schedule of events. Inviting fresh faced enthusiasts, collectors, and purely lovers of contemporary art to explore their wonderland of mysterious, macabre and mesmerising works and get just as buzzing as I was! Starting with a midnight showing Friday complete with live DJ’s, free daily admission and further events still to be announced.

Prices set for the auction this coming  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are astonishingly low. At only £20 upwards to £2,000,000. Ranging from a can of coke to rare Andy Warhol, and of course lest not forget two life size polar bears!!! Of the three lots of auctions Sotheby’s will also host what is sure to be the first and only auction of only  ‘Skulls and Bears” .  Making ‘Bear Witness’  the auction equally as heart-pumping and ferocious as the exhibition and a strong contender to become one of Sotheby’s biggest moneymakers of 2015.

They say art is in the eye of the beholder, and what an extraordinarily privileged world we live in to have the chance to get a glimpse into this one particular collector’s eye….whom ever he may be.


Words by Tracy Kawalik

Photos by Tracy Kawalik

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