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Beach Bum

strip off a few layers and let it all hang out at artists dominic myatt’s & rachel hodgson’s ridley road nudist beach

Up until now, Ridley Road was best known as a place to get pissed on overpriced cans of Red Stripe til 4am and dance to No Diggity in some hipster pop-up that smelt of dead fish….. We’ll that’s all about to change!

Prepare to get an eyeful; as artists and illustrators Rachel Hodgson and Dominic Myatt reimagine Dalston’s unlikely tropical oasis into the sunny free lovin’ Ridley Road Nudist Beach.

The exhibition, open May 17th for ONE NIGHT ONLY brings together a selection of drawings in various mediums packed full with colourful characters of all shapes, sizes and persuasions!!! There’s saggy boobs, teeny weenies, bare bums, sunburns, and some overdue waxing…basically all the sights and splendour you expect to find at your typical nudist beach.

Dominic’s line work and repertoire as an illustrator and tattooist is a playful side kick to Rachel’s brash, colourful and mischevious work, making for a dream duo that’s full of bold talent and cheek.

Various artists have also been invited to contribute one-off t-shirt designs that will be available to purchase on the night. So pop on your sunnies, treat yourself to a souvenir and take in the view at Dalston’s most short-lived naturist destination… before it’s too late.


RIDLEY ROAD NUDIST BEACH : rachel hodgson & Dominic Myatt


Words by Tracy Kawalik

Photos Courtesy of Dominic Myatt and Rachel Hodgson

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